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... bead supplies at your doorstep!


Get your essential bead supplies here at BeadsPH. We are the first ever Philippine bead supply site on the internet to cater to * online * retail * bead shopping!

We have created this site for shoppers who want a convenient and safe shopping experience. Far from the city's pollution and stressful street traffic, enjoy hassle-free shopping right at your home, office or wherever you have internet access!


Save your precious time and energy by shopping here at beadsPH! Just browse through our catalog, pick & add items to your shopping cart, finish your order and wait for your beads to be delivered right at your doorstep! All the beads you need just by clicking a few buttons on your keyboard! Really, it's bead supplies just within your reach... bead supplies at your doorstep!!


Happy bead shopping to you!


- Elaine and the BeadsPH team

Please note that this site is still growing and is still being improved with new products, project ideas and promos!
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Hi, I'm Elaine, the owner and creator of beadsPH. I have been a beader for several years now (since my college days I guess, won't tell you how long that was!) and have been a Multiply seller also since 2007.

Being an arts & crafts person since forever, I'm constantly on the lookout for good materials to work with on my projects, including bead supplies. I saw a lot of online sites but all the retail sites are based abroad. There were a few Philippine bead sites but all I've seen so far are wholesalers and exporters (tell me if I'm mistaken).  So I thought, why not offer a site that caters to local buyers? A site that is similar to e-commerce sites abroad, open to the public, a site with a shopping cart and everything to make your shopping convenient and fun.

As a Multiply seller (and buyer too!), I know Multiply isn't made for e-commerce. You can't put a shopping cart there. It's a bit of a hassle if you're buying a lot of items at once. You have to list your items, compute manually and communicate first with the seller before finalizing your order and payment, making it a long process. I have shortened the process here at beadsPH... 90% of your shopping is now automated with the use of a shopping cart for ordering & payment forms! Only the last step is manual (confirmation of payment and shipping details). So isn't that better?

Plus, I also want to offer this service for those who lead busy lives, hobbyists or full-time workers or those who just don't have time to go out and go bead-hunting. This is also for those who don't want to be inconvenienced by commuting... traffic, stress, pollution, hot weather, rainy weather and all that.

So, feel free to try it out and shop for bead supplies now... and tell me what you think.

'Hope you enjoy shopping here at BeadsPH! Thanks for checking us out...

- Elaine

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