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COURIER NEWS UPDATES: New courier added, New JRS rates

Xend Express logo

Xend Courier Discontinued

We regret to inform you that we have discontinued Xend Express services indefinitely.  Since early this year, 2019, there have been multiple reports of not-so-good services by Xend courier. In an effort to maintain quality service and avoid possible lost packages, we have stopped their services in the meantime.  We are continuously selecting the best courier options for you, our loyal customers. Please stand by for more announcements in the coming months.

ABest Express logo

Good News:  ABest Express is now available as a courier option!

We've just started using ABest Express courier services. Please see & compare their rates with other courier options as you finalize your order upon checkout.  Rates are based on total order weight and volume plus a handling fee of P40.  Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions on shipping.

JRS Express logo

Update on JRS rates

We also regret to inform you of the increase in JRS rates.  We have adjusted both JRS basic courier rates (based on weight) and also our handling fee from p40 to p60.  Their drop-off branch used to be walking distance from our headquarters but now they have moved to a farther location which requires us to commute and incur additional expenses and man-hours.  Please be advised and thank you for understanding.


Announching new rates for JRS EXPRESS COURIER DELIVERY

New Shipping & Handling fee as follows:

(right now we are still waiting for the list, in the meantime for submitted orders, we will contact you to inform you of the rates and corresponding updated TOTAL COST OF ORDER)

New! Eco-friendly Packaging

Reduce. Reuse. Recyle.

World Environment Day was just around the corner, last June 5. has decided to join in & go green!  In our efforts to help save the environment, we are offering new packaging options.  If you notice, we've added a new box, "Use eco-friendly packaging (Yes/No)" on your Checkout form along with your personal info & shipping details.

By saying YES to this option, we'll be using cartons, cardboard boxes, or paper materials to wrap your order.   We will be recycling cereal boxes (or similar consumer/commercial packaging) and using these to ship your orders just like some eco-friendly shops have started using magazine-paper bags for packaging.  For orders to be picked-up at our partner store, Artekat, or small orders that are not fragile, we would be using brown paper bags instead.  The boxes will be reserved mostly for delivery via courier to protect your order items in transit or for items that are fragile.

Shipping Rates - New System

New System for computing for XEND RATES

Please be advised that XEND Express has changed their rates (starting March 2013) to allow for unlimited weight packages.  Shipping & handling fee for XEND is automatically computed for LARGE packages.

Actual fees vary depending on total size/volume of order.  We will only be able to compute this after fulfillment of your order.  Rebates may apply for small packages.  In this case (if your order fits a smaller package), we will inform you of the amount you can use as store credit on your next purchase.  Please keep your REBATE COUPON to use on your next order at beadsPH.


Kindly note that we have a small handling fee of P40+ added to courier fees.  This is to cover costs of packaging your order & submitting to your selected courier. 

*Tip: Better to make your order bigger to make use of our minimal handling fee!

BULK Orders

For BULK orders (using any courier), please wait for confirmation/adjustment of courier fees.  Items marked as *BULK ITEM* are big volume items (needs bigger plastic or special packaging).   These have to be checked for final packaging materials used to see if courier rates are correctly charged.  You may contact us to confirm (call/email or go to

For complete information go to:

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Happy Chinese New Year of the Wooden Horse!
Red has always been the lucky color for New Year... but guess what, this year's lucky color is said to be shades of GREEN & BROWN... colors of the Wood element.

BLUE, BLACK & EARTHY TONES are also good considering these are from Water & Earth elements which support the growth of Wood.

Shop now for the colors you want at!

LIKE US on Facebook to get updated on stocks & promos!


Bead Magazines now available

UPDATE: Bead Magazines now available!

Books & current magazine issues coming soon!

Shipping Rates Adjusted

Check out the new shipping rates!

CHEAPER RATES applied to provincial areas: Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao!

Please check new rates at:

Advisory: Payments via Gcash or Bank Deposit

ADVISORY: PAYMENTS via Bank Deposit or Gcash

Confirmation of beadsph order payments (through bank deposit or Gcash) may be delayed from Fri, Nov.22 to Mon, Nov.25

Kindly settle your payments today/tonight before 10pm if you want speedy confirmation. We will resume normal confirmation of payments by Tue, Nov. 26. staff break Oct.11-15, 2013

Advisory: staff on a break from Oct. 11 to 15, 2013. The website will still be operational. (you can still submit your order!) However, processing of orders will be on hold during this period. Answering inquiries & confirmation of payments will also be on hold. * Normal operations will resume Oct. 16 onwards. * Exception: PICKUP / CASH ON PICKUP Orders for pickup extended up to Friday, Oct. 11, 12noon. All orders in by this time can be scheduled for pickup. Please inform us by calling 4337995.

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